Jacob Allen McGarity 

9-19-1979 to 10-04-2010

Brother of Josh McGarity

Husband of Reese McGarity

Father of Isabella McGarity

Son of Elaine McGarity Holmes
and James Allen McGarity
Conway Chapter
Our Children

Ruthie Bass

12-26-1975 to 06-08-2008

Sister of Angela Niederer, Lauren Gilmore and Russell Harris

Mother of Katherine Bass, Christopher Bass and Jason Bass

Daughter of Katherine and John Paulette

Sydney Chance

09/28/2009 to 04/04/2012

Sister of Brandon

Granddaughter of Sandra and Zrano Sr

Niece of Zrano Jr and Darrick

Daughter of Keisha Bowles

Dean Douglas Dickenson.

His time on this earth was
 11-01-1963 to 12-11-2011.

Father of Stephenie Harrington, 
Tyna Richie, and Anthony Richie

Son of Carol Mottler and Tom Dickenson

Husband of Connie Dickenson
Cindy Tyler

8-18-65 to 3-13-2009

Daughter of Joyce Brantley
Bradley Morrison

11-13-88 to 02-03-2014

Son of Tammy Morrison